From local ingredients to world-class cuisine

Welcome to an outstanding dining experience where each course tells a unique story of the Algarve's culture through exceptional flavours, textures, and aromas. A refined gastronomic journey takes place in an intimate, art déco scenery, with breathtaking views over the Atlantic and Vale Covo cliffside.

May 10th
Chef Bruno Augusto

“I am passionate about traditional Portuguese cuisine and its most typical flavours. I strive to give an original presentation to traditional dishes, without ever forgetting the origin of the products.”

It was during his childhood, as he assisted his mother and grandmother in crafting traditional sweets, that Executive Chef Bruno Augusto discovered his passion. Since then, he has honed his skills in over 15 years of experience in leading restaurants, including Michelin-starred names such as Eleven and Ocean, in Portugal, and Grand Hotel du Lac, in Switzerland. 

With a passion for Portuguese cuisine and a commitment to sustainable, locally sourced ingredients, he creates seasonal menus that showcase the cyclic star ingredients in dazzling ways. Get ready to be surprised and delighted by a culinary experience like no other.


At The One, we strive to provide a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure that celebrates the rich customs and traditions of the Algarve with international refinement. Our expertly crafted dishes feature a harmonious balance of distinct tastes, tantalizing textures, and irresistible aromas that leave a lasting impression on every guest. And thanks to our local producers, fishermen and winemakers, we are able to create unique seasonal menus that showcase the ever-changing delights of nature.


In perfect sync with Executive Chef Bruno Augusto, our experienced Head-Sommeiller Francisco Meira has curated an exceptional wine collection with a strong focus on regional labels. From established vintages to delectable late harvests and surprising new labels, there is a vast array of unique and flavorful wines to explore from Portugal’s diverse vineyards. Of course, we haven’t left out international nectars of renown, selected for their ability to pair harmoniously with our seasonal menus.

With the amount of care invested into it, it is only natural that our wine experience has been recognized twice by the Wine Spectator magazine with an Award of Excellence, integrating the exclusive list of 3200 restaurants spread over more than 70 countries and territories. An extraordinary wine experience that also features dedicated tasting menus with stunning pairings, as well as special wine tastings and dinners with national and local producers.  

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